Askari Project is Johan, born 1981 in Belgium, currently residing in Switzerland.

After a long standing career as a house & techno DJ under different alter ego’s and with countless gigs in & out of Belgium between 1996 and 2010 Johan embarked on a new journey into a different horizon: psychedelic trance. In 2010 he visited the famous “O.Z.O.R.A.” festival and was immediatly hooked on the fun, the after party took him to the “Return 2 Goa” festival where he got the chance to play along side some of the scene’s headliners with just a few CD’s bought at the previous event.
Back home it was just a few steps to start DJ’ing again under this new found alter ego “ASKARI” and with the long experience from before he steadily worked his way up in the Belgian psychedelic trance community. In 2011 came the first international bookings and the train has not stopped ever since with numerous gigs all over the european continent in countries such as: Belgium, Czech Republik, France, Germany, Latvia, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands.
Askari’s style-adaptive qualities and his solid mixing technique make for a killer transmission on every stage he hits, the BPM’s can range anywhere between 120 to 155 BPM and in his DJ sets you will find elements and aspects of every genre in the psychedelic trance encyclopaedia ranging from old school Goa-trance to the hypermodern melting pot of styles and taste’s of today.

In 2010 the first interest was aroused towards the production of some homegrown sound and the ASKARI PROJECT was born out of this hunger to play a own style and sound. After some experimenting with FL studio he turned towards Logic Pro in 2013 and made good progress since then the first tracks have hit the trance floors and received overall positive feedback, strongly motivated towards a future as a music producer, Askari is working hard from his studio on the way to your speakers. The first release is on shedule for 2014 and the studio has now found a steady home in a very nice Swiss landscape where we can experiment further in our psychedelic bubble of sonic madness.

2014 marked also the moment where Johan got to show the psychedelic community another side of him as he started working on a regular basis for both “Mushroom Magazine” and the “Mushroom website” doing write-ups, reviews and interviews. You can find all reviews and other interesting stuff here on the media page.

Sounds of Askari Project