Phenotype (FR)

I started at an early age to write songs. I had very quickly between instruments hands (synth / guitar / mic / recorder). At the age of 11 in 1991 thanks friends of my family, I had the opportunity to climb and play on my first stage in nightclub to mix the tubes 80s.
From everything went and started listening wholes styles music. At age 19 I quit “work in the restoration” to devote myself entirely to the guitar.I played “the hat” for 7 years every day in restaurants, I also producing at concerts.

In 2005 psytrance guts to take me and I started to organize my first evenings and some small festivals.I played in a prime festival
europpeen, the Transylvania calling 2009 and chained to the gate time in collaboration with Lunarave (of Hadra). A meeting that helped me
evolve in sound design. All this allows me to make full meeting and me on stage with tristan, penta hyperfrequencies, space tribe, Audiomatic,
boom nasha, liquid and ross 2013 neelix, interactive noise ….
Several residences club, bar and Effective in Bordeaux in 2011/2012 and many organizations in the association I started in 2007 (Trance Mission). Now I gently removes
the organization to rededicate myself entirely to her. The desire to give violins, guitars, didgeridoo, flutes of sparkling basslines, out machines to play live is too big!
Escape the trip, I call to order.

Video’s of Phenotype